domingo, 11 de agosto de 2013

Welcome Back!

This is my new blog style. I want to show us my artwork process, projects, photos, etc..
I hope you like it, and follow me!!

Now, a little bit of me.

Artistic Name: Yobe Ninda
Height: 173cm
Weight: 67 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown-Green
Birth: September 30th
From: Balearic Islands
I'm: Illustration student, Cosplayer, polivalent artist (music, interpretation) and amateur hairdresser.
Like: Loves character design, and clothing design, play music, sing, apple pie...

Working on a Free! Iwatobi swim club Doujinshi [Nagisa x Rei]

I hope you like it, and follow me!!
Chao chaaao!

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